Black Friday SALES

Our Black Friday SALE has finished for 2020

Further updates November 2021

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  • Correx Nucleus Box

    IN STOCK - Correx boxes supplied and manufactured to our unique design. Allows easy ventilated transportation and building of nucs during the season. Easily folded and unfolded for storage.

  • ProVap2020 Vaporiser


    Commercial Grade Oxalic Acid Based Product Vaporiser for Varroa Treatment
    - Just 20 seconds per hive!
    - No need to continually cool down the heat bowl
    - No entrance cup to insert
    - No guessing on dosage

  • Hive Wash - 500ml Spray Bottle


    Formulated for the complete bee and honey production environments including poly hives. This concentrated cleaner sanitiser is a powerful tried and tested bactericidal, virucidal and fungicidal product.

3 Items

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