Whilst there is still plenty to do back in the UK, I leave the BS Team for 6 months to work in queen breeding. After a long 30 hours traveling I arrived in Sydney airport.

Welcome to Sydney

It is spring here in New South Wales, Australia and the season is kicking into action. The oil seed rape has just finished and rearing is active as ever.

Mating Nucs

Queen CellsHere we are running near to 2000 mating nucs on the ground with expected growth to 3000 mating nucs. These are plastic 4 way mating nucs made especially for this purpose. This week we have been busy catching queens, although the weather is unlike the sterotypical Australian "Sun, Sea & Sand" we have experienced rather bad frosts and cold starts so have had to be extremely careful with queens & queen cells ensuring they never get chilled.

Today we had to place 450 queen cells to queenless nucs that we had caught during the week. With another team of 3 we set out to do this.

Inserting a queen cell

These cells are now 10 days old and due to hatch out shortly. We will return in another 21 days or longer to catch these queens of which should hopefully mate (unlike in England!) and repeat the cycle.

A Snake Visits

On the route back we came accross a nasty visitor that slithered past as we worked. I will be regulary updating my venture in Australia so keep posted on the blog.