I'm sure everyone's aware of the cold weather affecting Britain this Spring, thankfully the temperatures are starting to increase but we're amongst many beekeepers suffering from a slow start to the season.

These delays have generally caused the bees to be about a month behind and most hives are currently only rearing small numbers of brood. Unfortunately this means that there will generally be delays to most of the expected collection times for our products. 

The earliest availible products will be the overwintered nucs, however we won't release any until they have a good population of bees and at least a couple frames of brood so we have a good idea how the queen and the colony are performing as a whole.

Snow covered Nucs
The overwintered nucs battled through some cold weather this year. 

The earliest nucs ready for collection will become available over the coming weeks depending on the weather, to the first customers that put down a deposit. Anyone who has put down a deposit, we will be in contact again via email when your nuc becomes available for collection.

In regards to 2013 nucs, we have ceased taking any additional orders until further notice. An initial target and been met, and therefore we are firstly focusing on supplying our existing orders. However packages and hives are still available to preorder.