Recently we have had an influx of calls / emails with concerned customers requesting collection dates. At this time it is still far too early to give any exact dates, we still stick by the guideline that distribution begins during April for Overwintered Nucs, May for Spring / Summer Nucs, Packages from late April and Queens should be available as of the second week of April. This is not a guarantee, just a guideline.

Please do understand that we are rather busy and taking time out to answer reptative emails / phone calls regarding orders only slows our productivity.

In regards to those customers expecting their Nucs / Queens to be delivered, we will contact you to arrange a convenient dispatch date. We will not dispatch your order without your prior knowledge and confirmation. If you are unavailable at the time we will offer it to the next customer in the queue, the only exception for this is Package Bees that require pickup no later than 48 hours before they enter the country,

Working on Bees

We hope this helps any customers that are concerned about this and we look forward to speaking with you in the Spring