The 2012 season is coming to an end so we've headed into the workshop to begin preperations for 2013. A key issue to us for 2013 was to improve our hives aesthetically whilst maintaining great funtionality at a fantastic price.

Improvements include a new completely weatherproof overhanging roof, keeping your bees nice and cosy by retaining warmth inside and excluding all rain, wind and snow. 

BS Honey Bees new hive design

The new hives also feature different floors with a new entrace style, now with removable entrance blocks allowing the bees to thrive midseason but replacable during colder times for wind protection, and also improving their defence against any wasp attacks. 

If you would like to purchase any hives or for more information you can find them here.

Whilst in the workshop we've also began manufacturing more feeders:

Frame Feeder manufacture

Frame feeders are our personal preference of feeding, they remain inside the hives with easy and fast access for the bees, we use them inside all our own hives and they're availible to you at our fantastic price. 

If you're buying a hive your feeder will already be included however if you would like to buy a frame feeder or would like more information see here.