We are well into spring now and the nucs have been building up since early March. We can now happily annouce we are begginning distribution to those that ordered earliest.

Nucs with Bees

Recently we have recieved an increasing amount of phone calls from customers requesting dates and times. Unfortunately we cannot give accurate dates and times as everything is nature orientated. We understand it is exciting receiving your bees but we want to ensure that you will be happy with them so they do not leave us until we are 100% happy with their quality.

Provisional guidelines -

Ordered during ------- Aproximate dispatch / collection

August - October 13 ----- Week commencing 29th April

November - December 13 ----- Week commencing 5th May

January 14 ----- Week commencing 12th May

February 14 ----- Week commencing 19th May

March 14 ----- Week commencing 26th May

April 14 ----- Week commencing 2nd June

May 14 ----- Week commencing 9th June

June 14 ----- Week commencing 16th June

Please note that these are guidelines only , there are many factors and variables that can change dispatch dates including weather, queen supply and restricted man power. We are working tirelessly 7 days a week to produce and supply your orders so please understand we are doing the best we can with the resources we have available.


We will be in contact with you, to arrange convenient collection / dispatch dates so please remember we are not office based and we are activily working on sites with bees and phone calls can disturb and delay our work.

We are anticipating arranging full collection weekends for customers that are collecting so please ensure you are keeping an eye on your emails as this will be our first point of contact.

Bees on frames

We can assure you will not be dissapointed with your nucs.

Daniel & Tristan