This notice is applicable to those customers that were expecting dispatch during this week or collection over this weekend (Week commencing 11th May).

After returning yesterday from completing all nuc inspections soaked through entirely it has become highly apparent to us last weeks weather has greatly affected the bees progress and the nuclei that we anticipated to be ready by the end of this week have been delayed until next week. There will be a slight backlog from our expected ETA's.

Updated Nuc ETA's

Spring / Summer Nucs -
Ordered during ------- Aproximate dispatch / collection

August 14 - December 14 ----- Week commencing 11th May 2015 DELAYED to week of 18th May

January 15 - February 15 ----- Week commencing 18th May 2015

March 15 ----- Week commencing 25th May 2015

April 15 ----- Week commencing 1st June 2015

May 15 ----- Week commencing 8th June 2015

Please do remember, we will make first point of contact with you as soon as we know. If you call us before this we will not know. We will only email you when we know and are confident, only at this point we will make arrangements for collection / dispatch.

We apologise for delay but understandably the weather and conditions do affect us and nature greatly and we hope you appriciate this is no a physical product but a living family of creatures that will work as quickly as conditions will allow them. On a good note, the weather has improved and looking out to blue skys as I write.

More information as we know.