As it currently stands we are making good progress with nuc orders, we have had a fair number go out over the past weekends and quite a significant amount go out in post.

As it stands we are slightly behind schedule, postage nucs are only shy of our anticipated dates but collection nucs are still about a week behind. As May was not the best of conditions for the bees they did not progress too well with the windy and miserable weather so this is the sole reason for the delay.

Our main concern being that nectar flow has dried up and bees have began chewing a lot of their stores causing us to have to feed them and keep them back an extra week. We do have lots of nucs building up so supply will not be an issue, so please do not be concerned.

As soon as we know, we will contact you. We ask you to please be patient with us during this time, we will only send once we are happy with the quality.

Spring / Summer Nucs -
Ordered during ------- Aproximate dispatch / collection

August 14 - December 14 ----- COMPLETE

January 15 - February 15 ----- COMPLETE

March 15 ----- 95% COMPLETE (Mainly post)

April 15 ----- Week commencing 1st June 2015 Delayed to aprox W/C 8th June

May 15 ----- Week commencing 8th June 2015 Delayed to aprox W/C 15th June

June 15 ----- Week commencing 22nd June 2015