We will be initiating final inspections of the Overwintered Nucs during this week and begin the process of migrating them into their correx travel box ready for collection / dispatch. Once we have confirmed final numbers we will be contacting you via email to arrange a convenient collection / dispatch time. Please do remember we operate set collection days due to our workload - we will be aiming to provide a collection day on the weekends and (if required) during the week. Posted nucs will be pre-arranged before they are dispatched (we post 2/3 days week).
Please be prepared to receive your bees soon, any concerns please do no hesitate to drop us a quick email. You do not need to book collection slots as of yet.
Please do keep a close eye on your emails.
A copy has been sent to all overwintered nuc customers regarding this, please make sure you have received it (and that it is not in your spam box!)
This is not applicable to spring made nucs, updates for these will be at the end of April