With winter approaching and the bees beginning to close down, I recieved an email to visit a customer based near Reading. Requiring our experience to help him evaluate and inspect the bees and learn about how to properly take them into the winter.

Bee Keeper Kim
Along with me came an apprentice! So what better than to go full hands on and show her what it is like to work with bees.

After a 4 hour period we had made a thorough inspection on 20 colonies and I have to say they were in brilliant condition. A bit of frame manipulation, removal of a few unnessisary boxes and a good feed of sugar syrup the apiary was up to scratch. After the day had began at 9 degrees you could see the activity increase dramatically throughout the day but only topping out at around 14 degrees.

Customer communication and satisfaction is always a priority and its always nice when followed up with good feedback:

"Hi Dan,
I really appreciated your help today, it taught me lots and I really can only learn when I am actually doing it"