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 Are your queens clipped?
 Are your queens marked?
 Are your queens mated?
 Can you take my order over the phone?
 Do you offer Saturday postage on Queens?
 Do you post package bees?
 Do you sell Langstroth Nucs?
 Do you send bees outside of the UK
 Do you supply an introduction cage?
 How do I place an order?
 I tried to call but always get answer phone?
 What do I paint my Poly hive in?
 What frames do your 2 in 1 Poly Nucs take?
 What is queen postage cut off time?
 When are full colonies ready?
 When are overwintered nucs ready?
 When are package bees ready?
 When are spring nucs ready?
 When do you post queens?
 When is it best to order?
 Where do you import your queens from?
 Why is your queen postage cut off time so early?
 Will the postman leave the queen in my postbox?