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 Welcome to BS Honey Bees, your number one specialised supplier of Full Working Hives, 5 Frame Nuclei , Package Bees and Buckfast & Carniolan Queens. We cannot be beaten for price or quality. We are located in the beautiful countryside of the Cotswolds on the outskirts of Cheltenham.

 With knowledgeable and highly experienced bee keepers to assist you every step of the way BS Honey Bees pride ourselves in customer service, whether you are new to the bee keeping world or even an experienced bee keeper - we are here to help. We are fully DASH accredited & Full Bee Farmer members so you can rest assured that you have came to the right place.

 Please browse our website for more information and if you have any problems please feel free to contact us.

 Orders can be conveneintly placed over our secure website system or via postal order form above. We do have facilities to take orders over the phone but it is likely we will be working away from the office, especially during the season so we would not be able to process any orders with our head in a bee hive. The online ordering system is very simple and easy to use.

  • Poly Nuc Front View

    National 2 in 1 Poly Nuc Box

    IN STOCK - 2 in 1 Poly Nuc Box
    - British National Design
    - 100% Thicker Roof
    - 3L Versatile Top Feeder
    - Removable Fondant Plug
    - 20% Higher Density
    - 6 Frame Nuc Box or 2-Way Mating Nuc
    - Top Space & Frame Runners
    - Removable Divider
    - Compatible with Maisemore Brood / Super Boxes*

    Excl. Tax: £31.62 Incl. Tax: £37.95
  • Nuc in Correx Travel Box

    5 Frame Nucleus 2018

    PRE ORDER FOR 2018 - Our 5 frame nucs are supplied in a free reusable correx travel box with a marked 2018 mated Buckfast queen. Reared up early in the season to begin distribution May onward (weather permitting*). Provided on British Standard National frames with brood at all stages and bees. It is important you read all the description before ordering

    Pre-Order Excl. Tax: £180.00 Incl. Tax: £180.00
  • Package Bees

    3lb Package Bees

    PRE ORDER FOR 2018 - Package Bees available from late April*. These contain 3lb of bees and a mated Buckfast queen in a specially designed non-return wooden box with a jar of sugar syrup for transport. Ideal for top bar / warre hive users. IT IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT YOU READ ALL OF THE DESCRIPTION BEFORE ORDERING.

    Pre-Order Excl. Tax: £170.00 Incl. Tax: £170.00
  • Correx Nucleus Box

    Correx Nucleus Box

    Correx boxes supplied and manufactured to our unique design. Allows easy ventilated transportation and building of nucs during the season. Easily folded and unfolded for storage.
    Excl. Tax: £8.33 Incl. Tax: £10.00
  • Buckfast Queen

    Buckfast Queen 2018

    PRE ORDER FOR 2018 - Buckfast queens are the result of the pioneering breeding work of the Benedictine monk "Brother Adam", who travelled all over the globe to create the "perfect bee". Please read all of the description, all questions will be answered there.

    Pre-Order Excl. Tax: £33.00 Incl. Tax: £33.00
  • Carniolan Queen

    Carniolan Queen 2018

    PRE ORDER FOR 2018 - Carniolan bees are beautiful to work with and very hard working, they produce big stores for the winter and are prolific in the spring. Please read all of the description, all questions will be answered there.

    Pre-Order Excl. Tax: £33.00 Incl. Tax: £33.00